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"With a movement style that is anything but conventional, Tedholm has found a way to push aside the boundaries placed around what is 'allowed' in the commercial dance world. His emotive and gesturally rich storytelling stems from an equally passionate creative process."

Dance Magazine    (Read full article)

“Teddy Tedholm presented 'Hometown Girls.'  ... The dance was hip, whimsical and endearing, understated without a lot of bravura, but so entertaining.”

Body Wrappers Dance Reviews


“Teddy Tedholm’s personalized gestural mime ... flowed over the edge of the stage and lent a leavening dose of dance comedy to his quirky solo.”


"Black & Blue by Teddy Tedholm had a simple, pedestrian quality to it. It was totally mesmerizing and relatable."
Dance Informa


"This crazy, talented, gorgeous creature blew into my life and changed all of the walls… I am grateful every day for Teddy Tedholm’s mastery of all things smart and vulnerable, kooky and unafraid…”

Erica Sobol, Founder & Creative Director,

Lobos Art Collective

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